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Published: 02nd March 2011
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Splitting a large PDF file can gain easier management of a document. If you try to send the file via email, splitting up a big PDF files would allow you to send the files as attachment one at a time without exceeds size limits.

There are also many other cases that we may need to do so. Thus how to split PDF file has been a hot topic. Here I want to talk about split PDF in half, as there are two meanings that people want to split PDF pages in half.

Below is a sample question:

How to split PDF in half?

Hi everyone.

I have a PDF file scanned from book of which every PDF page contains two pages from the scanned book. The PDF file is unlocked. So is there any way that I can split these pages in half and then bind them back into a single PDF file? Thanks in advance.

Nowadays, many eBook readers like Nook, Kindle have supported original PDF format, it obviously extend the reading range of iBook lovers. However, most eBook display the PDF pages like unfolded book that one page with two sheets. This will make the font size smaller and the screen crowded. Or itís possible to get this kind of page from scanner by accident as stated in the above problem. Then you may question how to split PDF pages down the middle.

Adobe acrobat usually the solution to the PDF issues all round, but soon you will realize that it didnít cover this aspect that split PDF pages down the middle. In another words, split PDF by command line.

Regardless of complicated JavaScript or internal codes, actually you can achieve it promptly and easily with a PDF splitter.

How to Split PDF in half with the PDF splitter?

The first thing you have to do is to download and install a powerful PDF splitter then launch it.

You will open the main interface. It also deals with encrypted PDF files without any questions.

Step one: Add your files by clicking the "Browse" button or simply drag your files from the desktop to the blank.

Step two: Choose the split method to "Split by bookmark" and then select split level from the combo box according to status of your PDF file in the custom settings. You are not only able to split PDF pages in half but also to split in more parts.

Step three: Specify the location in your local disc of new files. After all the options has been done. Click the "Split" button to trigger the processing of imported files. You will get two half pages of the original page right there.

Is that as easy as ABC? Moreover, the PDF splitter will rearrange all the split PDF pages to a new one in order.

There is still another way you can split PDF in half with the PDF splitter is that split the PDF averagely into two files.

You just choose the split method to "Split averagely to (n) PDF files", n=2. If you know the page number after splitting, you can choose to "Split by every (n) page" and define the page number. Then you will successfully split in this way.

No matter in what way you want to split PDF in half, you can make it right now with a smart PDF splitter!

More possible splitting rules about split a PDF file .

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